1. Fake Lacoste

    1) eBay PowerSellers

    Just because a seller on eBay has thousands of feedback it does not neccessarily mean they are selling genuine stock. Most of the people that would buy a designer shirt on eBay are not usually the type of people that would fork out Full RRP for the stuff. Meaning that they probably don’t own a Genuine shirt to compare it to, so wouldn’t know the difference between a fake and genuine shirt! I would estimate (in my own view) that over 80% of all Lacoste Polos on eBay UK right now are FAKE! eBay can’t check every single item on there, it would be impossible.

    2) The Aligator/Crocodile Logo

    After doing a quick search on google i found out that a shirt i bought last year was in fact a replica, i thought the badge looked slightley off shape at the time.
    But didn’t think anything of it, the quality of cloth felt good and the colour was great.. But the aligator itself, appauling. Mine wasn’t as bad as the picture to the side, but it was still pretty embarrassing.

    3) The Logo Alignment

    From the same source there is a very good
    picture displaying the alignment that should
    be on your genuine shirts.
    If you travel exactly half way between the lower button and the start of the seperate neck stitching, you will see the genuine’s logo is horizontal from the half way point.
    The Fake however is completly offset and is 90degrees to the start of the neck stitching itself.

    4) Quality and Feel
    Now as the replicas advance in the world, their quality increases dramatically. When feeling some high quality replicas you CANNOT tell the difference between the two. However after a few trips to the washing machine you sure can. Many replicas are drawn to stains, something simple can permantey stain a replica, and after about 3-4 washes a replicas quality will drop to a very rough and “cheap” feel. One thing i will say though, is that Genuine shrits are usually much “thinner” than replica’s this is a very good thing to look for when comparing genuines and replicas
    5) Mother of Pearl Buttons

    Now these really make me laugh when lookign at eBay, you can see the criminal selling fakes has doen his homework when he puts “Mother of Pearl” buttons and it’s origin etc in the listing. Just because he rights it doesn’t make it true… I could sell my gran’s old honda civic, and say in the listing its a Ferrari, It doesn’t make it a Ferrari..
    Mother of pearl buttons are made from genuine pearls and individually cut, 99% of the time no two buttons are precisely the same. Replica buttons will simply be cheap plastic ones, mass produced. If the word “Lacoste” is imprinted on your buttons, their most likely fake.

    6) Ever wondered why their so cheap?
    Economies of scale of course, my friend from china probably bought these shirts directly from Lacoste and in HUGE NUMBERS. So he must of got them cheap.. WRONG!
    Lacoste do sell wholesale, of coruse they do. But this is a very High End product. If they we’re stupid enough to sell shirts at such a low price, the price of their product on the high street would plunge, lower and lower..
    These products are so cheap, simply because their fake! Anyone selling Lacoste Polos for less than £25 in my view you should really grill for information on their supplier and the origin of goods.
    Looking at some of the Genuine Apparel wholesalers on this site, there is no way you can buy Genuines that cheap.
    On the other hand, jsut because an item is slightley cheaper than RRP, it doesn’t make it real. Still check all the other points!!!! Someone could be trying to rip you off BIG TIME!
    7) The Size and Print
    Most replicas you see are usually in thesame lines one Lacoste, sizing them 3,4,5,6,7,8 Etc.. However their sizes are usually off. If you compare a Size 3 Replica to a size 3 Genuine you will usually find that the genuine is a more snugg fit. This is becuase there Genuines are “Pre-Shrunk” for the fitted look. Replicas are usually just cheap bits of cloth stiched together, and shipped.
    Along with the actuall size of the shirt, the Print in which the size is stated is also usually bad quality on replicas. On Genuines you will usually find the Number is a very Fine, High quality font and print. Replicas however are usually a slightly larger font on the number and are slightly tilted and “squiff”
    8) Bags and Tags
    Just because a seller tells you that their products are in genuine bags and are tagged officially by lacoste. It doesn’t make it true. Given the right equipment anyone could simply print a lacoste logo onto a plastic bag and claim it to be real.
    8) MY ADVICE
    If you REALLY want to get into this market, and want to sell Genuine Lacoste Polo’s on eBay, My simple answer is Dont!
    You CANNOT compete with the Fakes, Don’t Try!

    My only advice for wholesalers is to buy from registered Lacoste distributors. Which you can find out from Lacoste by simplying enquring, or take a little trip to google

    Real Alligator

    Fake Alligator

    Real Tags

    Fake Tags

    Real Button Front

    Fake Button Front

    Real Button Back(the colors can vary on the back)

    Fake Button Back

    Real Store Tags (however these can differ)

    Real Cuff vs Fake Cuff


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